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Pros and cons of Kindwei glass tempered film

Dec 17,2019 

There are two sides to everything, so is the Kindwei glass tempered film, but now the tempered film has achieved the customer's desired result as much as possible, and intelligent film manufacturers reduce the error as much as possible. For customers with bare screens Tempered film is a kind of superfluous, and customers who have experienced tempered film know that a piece of glass can protect the screen well, the color on the screen is also high-definition, the effect is good, the sensitivity can be reduced, and the breeding of fingerprints can be reduced There are many hours of contact with mobile phones every day, and the tempered film actually brings us more benefits.


Kindwei is a leading tempered glass screen protector manufacuturer.Founded in 2003,we've been dedicating in optical glass research and development for over 16 years.We are equipped with high-quality testing equipment to ensure that each screen protector manufactured has perfect angular shape, high sensitivity, high transparency, and high-precision size.